First Foreign Minister of Pakistan

This is Pakistan’s first Foreign Minister Sir Zafrullah khan appointed by Jinnah himself after Independence.Same Sir Zafrullah khan who convinced United Nations as Pakistan’s Foreign minister that Jammu & Kashmir is a disputed territory and not integral part of India.
Since independence all successive governments stance is that Kashmir should be resolved through UN resolutions but NO ONE points-out that it was because of hours and hours of lengthy speeches by Sir Zafrullah khan not only in regards to Kashmir for their Right of Self-determination but also for the rights of people of Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Jordon and many other Muslim countries, same Sir Zafrullah khan was at the forefront in getting them much-needed Independence. Here are few of his achievements which his own countrymen disregard because of his Ahmadiyya belief

Former Member of Viceroy’s Executive Council.

Former Railway and Communications Minister of India.

Former Senior Judge of Federal Court of India.

Former Advisor of Chamber of Princes of India.

Former President of All India Muslim League.

Former Agent General of India in China.

In 1937 he represented Viceroy of India and British India at the coronation ceremony of King George VI.

First Foreign Minister of Pakistan.

Former Vice President of the International Court of Justice, The Hague.

Former President of International Court of Justice, The Hague.

Former President of United Nation’s General Assembly.

Former Pakistan’s Permanent Representative at the UN.

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