Editorial: Black Lives Matter (especially in the USA)


Zakaria Virk, Editor

#BlackLivesMatter was founded in 2013 in response to the acquittal of George Zimmerman, murderer of 17-year-old zakria virk Florida high school student in 2012 Trayvon Martin. Black Lives Matter Foundation, Inc. is a global organization in the US, UK, and Canada, whose mission is to eradicate white supremacy and build local power against  violence inflicted on Black communities by the state (police) and vigilantes


It is a fact that American police shoot, kill and imprison more people than any developed countries. More people die in police custody than any in the world. The FBI recorded that 407 people were shot in an act of “justifiable homicide” by a police officer in 2018, a decline on previous years. The Washington Post counted 1,004 people fatally shot by police in 2019, for instance, while the group Mapping Police Violence tallied 1,099.


As of June 4, the U.S. police shot 429 people to death in 2020, 88 of whom were Black. In 2018, there were 996 fatal police shootings, and in 2019 this figure increased to 1,004 in the US.


Racism all over the world is like corona virus that has been prevalent for far too long. Every person must stand up to fight this virus. Fighting racism is as important fighting corona pandemic. Both are deadly and dehumanizing.


Unless the system is changed nothing will change. The current system brutalizes and oppresses people of color and minorities in many countries. This is entrenched in systemic racism i.e. form of racism which is embedded as normal practice in society


Fighting racism is just as vital fighting corona virus. Both are deadly. In the US Black lives matter, in Canada indigenous lives matter, in India Muslim lives matter and in Pakistan Christian and Ahmadi lives matter. America was built on slavery, white supremacy and elimination of native people. Unless these wrongs are acknowledged there can be no peace. People of faith and all humanists must rise to the occasion.

London mayor Sadiq Khan has endorsed Black Live Matter and says he likely would have joined the demonstrations had it not been for coronavirus. As opposed to this US Vice President Mike Pence in an interview last month repeatedly refused to say the words “Black lives matter” The President refuses to utter these words either.

Police reform is urgently needed. The protests across the US have called for defunding police departments and reallocating city and state funds to social programs, specifically those focused on alternative forms of public safety and crime prevention. A town in New Jersey Camden disbanded police department 7 years ago. The city’s crime has dropped by close to half. Officers host outdoor parties for residents and knock on doors to introduce themselves. Biden suggestion has merit calling for police oversight board.

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