Editorial: Tyranny of the Mullahs in Iran

Zakaria Virk, Editor

Last month saw some of the most strident anti-government protest in Iran, prompted by obfuscation of their military shooting down a Ukrainian airliner packed with Iranians, including 57 from Canada. That happened on Jan. 8, hours after a retaliatory missile strike aimed at U.S. forces in Iraq, which did not prompt an American military response. For three days Iranian officials knew they had shot down the airplane, while the government continued to deny the responsibility.

We give below Maryam Rajavi’s, president of National Council for Resistance, remarks to encapsulate the situation in Iran.  “So, shame on the corrupt and charlatan mullahs who have distressed the people of Iran. Those who falsely pray and fast, but exploit the underprivileged to the maximum extent possible. Iran’s needy have reached the point where they have to sell their kidneys and corneas. Mothers have become so devastated that they sell their unborn fetuses.

Indeed, the mullahs are the worst enemies of God and His people. They inflict the worst oppression and injustice on people under the name God and Islam. The people of Kurdistan mostly work as porters due to extreme poverty. They carry heavy loads (across borders) to earn their living and yet they are shot for carrying a few bags of rice. Farmers have been deprived of water and workers’ salaries are not paid.

Shame on the mullahs, who fake their faith in Islam, and deprive the people of Iran even of bread and water. In a land rich with oil and minerals, our people have to scavenge among garbage for food scraps. While the mullahs have stashed legendary wealth for themselves and their relatives, they plunder the people’s savings. They have doomed Iranian teachers and nurses to live below the poverty line, arresting and torturing them for their righteous protests.

Thousands have been arrested since the uprising and protests in December and January. A number were killed under torture or shot dead by Revolutionary Guards. Quite a few young protesters have also disappeared. They have plundered or squandered the wealth of the Iranian people. Every year, they spend billions of dollars on war and slaughter of the people of Syria. It was recently revealed that they have sent cartons filled with $100 notes to Iraq to fund their terrorist proxies.

Indeed, the history of Islam has never seen any ruler more corrupt or criminal than the demagogues ruling today in Iran, where protesters have risen up against their injustice, for freedom and national sovereignty.

Iran’s uprising erupted in late December 2017, but its waves have continued ever since, through the strikes and protests of workers, farmers, teachers, plundered people and other social strata. Iranian society is in a volatile state and protests have continued in various parts of the country.

The essential significance of the revolt is that it has opted for the regime’s overthrow. The uprising in December and January heralded the defeat of Islamic fundamentalism. The protesters attacked many of the manifestations of the mullahs’ religious rule. They thus showed that they do not want the mullahs’ compulsory religion or religious compulsions. “We leave it to our readers to decide as to how they can help people of Iran in their struggle for freedom.

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