Hijabi Bikers on wheels, but barriers remain in South Punjab


The trend of women riding motorcycles in South Punjab’s cities is on rise.

Officials from the Traffic Police Licence Branch say that 64 driving licences were issued to female applicants during October. Society as well as parents should encourage girls to drive motorcycles, they added.

The 22 year old, dubbed ‘Hijabi Biker’ by fans, is currently a social media star for her love of heavy bikes. PHOTO: ROSHNI MISBAH

Transport is one of the main problems for working women as well as school, college or university going girls in the culturally rich yet socially backward region of South Punjab. The women of this region reportedly have to depend on their family members, usually their fathers, brothers, or husbands, for most of their outdoor movement.

Sometimes, the working women have to hire vehicles for their routine outdoor work.

However, they have to pay much more in case of using rented vehicles. For the last few years, a positive development was being observed in South Punjab as women and girls were seen using motorcycles independently.

The motorcycle ride was one of the cheapest sources of transportation. Similarly, women on motorcycles do not depend on other members of their family.

Sana Hussain, a 24-year-old student pursuing her Masters in Mass Communication from Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan, told APP that she was using a motorcycle for many years.

She stated that in her family they were three sisters only. “I am the eldest and my father not only allowed but also facilitated me to buy a motorcycle.”

She revealed that she did not learn motorcycle riding from anyone but she tried herself after observing other people practicing it.

“I used to visit the bazaar on a motorcycle independently and without any hesitation,” Sana claimed. Patrolling Police SP Huma Naseeb said that women drivers were more careful while using roads. “Women were more law-abiding citizens as compared to men. The women drivers keep complete documents with them,” she claimed.

Social Welfare Department District Officer Muhammad Ahmed Chishti stated, “In the past, motorcycles were given to women on subsidised prices under an initiative of Punjab government.

Punjab Bank, Traffic Police, Punjab Social Welfare Department and a private motorcycle company facilitated the motorcycle delivery and drive training process among women.”


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