Canada Mulling Over deportation of Afghan doctor conducting virginity tests.



Canadian Immigration authorities are mulling deportation of a female doctor who conducted virginity tests on women in Afghanistan.According to local media reports, the authorities are arguing that the actions of the doctor are a crime against humanity.

The doctor, Saida Ahmadi reportedly conducted the virginity tests on women in a hospital in the North of Afghanistan. She made a refugee claim after arriving in Canada in 2017.

During her interviews with the Canadian Immigration officials, Ahmadi has admitted that she conducted virginity tests as part of her duties, they were not routine.

Meanwhile, the Immigration and Refugee Board has ruled that although the tests were “part of the systematic oppression of women in Afghanistan,” they were not a crime against humanity, according to Global News.

The IRB’s Immigration Appeal Division ruled that Ahmadi did not make a significant contribution to “the systems in Afghanistan which oppress women.”However, the Federal Court of Canada overturned the IRB Appeal Division decision in February, sending the matter back to the refugee board for re-examination.

In August 2016, Ahmadi examined a woman named Soraya, who was accused of zina. Ahmadi said she signed a report stating her opinion that Soraya was not a virgin. Ahmadi testified in court, later saying that her testimony was limited to confirming her signature on the virginity test report. Soraya was sentenced to seven years imprisonment.

Ahmadi said she left Afghanistan after getting threatening calls from Soraya’s family. According to a Canadian immigration report, Ahmadi arrived to Canada from the U.S. in 2017.

The Federal Court found the IRB made the decision through a process that “breached the principals of natural justice and procedural fairness.”


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