Reading the works of great writers is a joy unbound for the reader. But being blessed with the opportunity to live in the age of a great and accomplished writer and also to know him or her is a no less than a blessing itself for the reader.

There are many writers who write literary pieces for newspapers and magazines. Dr. Ritu Kamra Kumar, an Associate Professor in Post Graduate Department of English, MLN, College, Yamuna Nagar, Haryana, India, stands out amongst them.

A few months ago, she launched her book entitled ‘The Priceless Petals’, which is a collection of her literary gems that have been published over the years in the leadings English journals in India

The book contains 68 essays and write-ups and has been divided into six sections namely, Blissful Bonds, Candid Contemplations, College Colour, Feminine Finesse, Festival Fiesta & Seasonal Spells, and Societal Subtleties.

Dr Kumar is blessed with the felicity of phrase and expression. Her style is simple yet effective, easy to understand yet has a profound meaning; the thoughts she expresses are spontaneous yet exhibit the vast and profound experience hidden in them; her choice of words shows that she has every word at her beck and call to suit the occasion as she uses them with effortless ease. She has the magic to turn an ordinary matter of the day into a classic piece of literature. While going through her write-ups, the reader immediately feels that he has forged an unseen bond with the writer.

Though every article in the book rivets the attention of the reader, the following pieces are particularly very interesting:

Happy memories from the days of Innocence,

Friendship: A sweet responsibility, never an opportunity,

A Tribute to the Teachers I Feel indebted to,

Joy of Shopping is Lost,

Teaching is not a lucrative profession anymore,

Space for feminine sesnsibility,

Shrinking open spaces, missing smiling faces,

To be a good doctor, first be Patient,

Magical Mantra of Positive Parenting,

The writer has squeezed the essence of her knowledge and her experiences of personal , academic and professional life into these essays. As a teacher, she teaches the reader; as a woman she advocates the rights of women; and as a good human being, she enriches, entertains and regales the readers with her bitter, sweet, funny and also philosophical feelings and experiences.

The writer is profoundly enamored of using very beautiful alliterations which is really a delicious feast for students of English literature. The names of the sections of the book are also fine specimens of alliterations.

It is a veritable treat for the connoisseurs of literature and will also prove useful in turning the leisure of a casual reader into a fruitful pastime as well.The book is available on Amazon

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