End violence against women

In November thousands of people took to the streets in many countries to raise awareness and to end violence against women. Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau said “gender based violence harms us all, it affects families, schools and workplaces and hold back people from full potential.”


A Pakistani NGO organized the 16-day campaign against women violence last month. It underlined the need for re-writing a narrative of justice and power for women and adopting a human rights approach towards the women’s rights. It planned the first-ever girls’ sports initiative in south Punjab in connection with the International Human Rights Day.


NGO urged the government to take stepsto end violence against women. It urged the government to take measures and actions to promote a culture without violence and discouraging any type of violence against women.

Syrian Kurdish women marched to End Gender-Based Violence. Hundreds of female protesters took to the streets of the Syrian Kurdish-majority city of Qamishli,  to call for an end to violence against women.Some banging large drums and others ululating, they marched through the streets, an AFP correspondent said.”Underage marriage is a crime,” said one sign held up by a protester, on International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.Another demonstrator held up the picture of a woman with a swollen eye, her mouth covered with one hand.

In Turkey Thousands of women took to the streets across Turkey to mark the U.N. International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on Nov. 26.Rallies marking the day were held in many provinces, while Istanbul’s famous Galata Tower was illuminated in orange color, this year’s active campaign theme.

Members of the women’s branches of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) gathered at the Saraçhane Park in Istanbul’s Fatih district, holding banners reading: “Nonviolent communication,” “Society grows stronger with women’s empowerment,” “Hear our voice,” and “Do not succumb to rage crossing the line.”

At an annual rally held in Tel Aviv to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against WomenIn Israel some 2,000 demonstrators marched to protest violence against women.Participants, wearing pink hats as a symbol of protest against violence against women, marched from Rabin Square to the Cinematheque Plaza where the rally took place.
The hats were in the style of the PussyHat Project hats that were launched on November 2016 to mark the Women’s March on Washington.Protesters chanted “We won’t be silent anymore,” “No means no,” and “We are not transparent – women make revolutions.”

The UN General Assembly has credited #MeToo movement with spearheading awareness in countries like North Korea, South Korea and India where the movement took off with accusations against men in Bollywood and brought down a prominent government minister. Out of 31 European countries, only 8 legally define rape as sex without consent. Rape laws in Europe are outdated; it is about time they are updated. Simply put, sex without consent is rape.


Zakaria Virk, Editor

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