Editorial: Muslim Integration in Europe

While accepting the Charlemagne Prize last month, the French President Emmanuel Macron demanded closer and faster EU integration towards a super-state. In a speech in Aachen he vowed to “yield nothing” to conservative eastern members which believe in a Europe of strong nations.
While Europe is striving hard towards integration, question arises how is the Muslim population integrating in Europe? Is there a need to do more or if what has been done is sufficient.
A recent poll has found that a strong majority of people in France, Germany, and Sweden believe the integration of migrants has failed in their country. In an attempt to quell the popular vexation, pro-immigration EU leaders and media have been blaming the so-called “far right,” “alt-right,”.
A large number of Muslim migrants flooding in Europe are from societies where many of them were indoctrinated with anti-West, anti-infidel and anti-human rights ideas. These include FMG, negative views of Jews, Christians, gays, & white women. Sadly it had not occurred to European leaders that one day they could come to be under siege from the very immigrants they kindly welcomed in. But now, many are waking up and realizing that the daily news about the rising rape cases, random murders, honor killings, and other despicable crimes, are due to Muslim migrants, is not fabricated.
Europeans are witnessing the chaos that has come to their nations: abuses against women and girls, a rise in Sharia influence (including Sharia courts), a two-tier legal system; and the rise of violent no-go zones in Berlin, & Paris . Add to this jihadi attacks especially in France and the continuous threats of more. Last month a French citizen Khamzat Asimov, who was born in Chechnya, knifed five French nationals in Paris killing one and being shot dead himself. More than 230 people have been killed by ISIS-inspired jihadists in the past three years.
According to BBC research Europe is the most divided continent in the world, with immigration the largest source of division. Some have expressed the fear Europe is right now facing, and will face a potentially catastrophic future because soon these immigrants will have children who are citizens of their hosts’ countries and cannot be expelled.
The kippah, the cross, and the hijab are all harmless symbols of religion, but upon deeper reflection, they are also symbols of a country’s identity. In Germany where religion had lost its importance is at the forefront and is at display in most German neighborhoods. Once again religions are playing a crucial role in the less tolerable world. Jews are now advised not to wear Kippa in public after a deplorable incident in Berlin. This is a major blow to an enlightened country. Meanwhile a city in Sweden Vaxjo a mosque has been allowed to air Azan at 110 dB for a year while the church was denied to ring bells for service.
Germany is an enlightened, modern and liberal nation. There are 5 million immigrants living in Germany, they should strive to adapt to every significant element of Germany’s cultural identity. Muslims need to integrate into the society by adapting Western ways, learn the language, get higher education, love your neighbor, don’t live in ghettos and enjoy living in a pluralist society, accept gender equality, practice freedom of/from religion and freedom of speech.
Zakaria Virk, Editor

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